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Providing Leading Solar Panel Cleaning Solutions Worldwide

Solar panels are only as resourceful as they are clean. Born from the heart of the desert,

DARBCO, one of the first eco-companies on the frontline of developing green technologies in the Middle East, has developed cutting-edge cleaning robots for different solar panel installations – innovatively designed to withstand harsh desert environments, equipped with AI and IoT technologies, capable of combining world-renowned cleaning techniques in one, streamlined device

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Our Technologies

Sequential cleaning

Sequential cleaning

In order to maintain its high cleaning performance, SCM 1-20 uses a three stage sequential cleaning process.


SCM1-20 uses a self-alignment technology that enables the cleaning robot to override the solar table misalignments issues
Gaps bypassing

Gaps bypassing

SCM1-20 has the ability to bypass gaps in the robot-cleaning path using bypass technology. The technology enables the robot to bypass any gap up to 30cm without installing rails
Active wiping

Active wiping

SCM1-20 uses active wiping technology to enhance the wiping process, hence ensuring panel dryness and preventing dust accumulation, even in unleveled solar panels’ installations.

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Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels transform the sun's energy into clean solar electricity for use in homes, companies, and communities when exposed to sunshine. More sunlight means mo
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When is the best time to clean the solar panels?

Your solar panels can get to very high temperatures from being exposed to the sun all day, which can make it difficult to clean them without causing further damage. When you c
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Methods for solar panel cleaning.

 It is advised to clean solar panels early in the morning or late in the evening, so that the temperature difference between the water used and the solar photovoltaic panels i
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