Meet our Robots

Dry Cleaning Robot SCM - L1

Dry Cleaning Robot SCM - L1

The Dry cleaning robot SCM -L1 utilizes rotating brushes to gently clean the surface of the solar panels, effectively removing dirt and dust 

Dry Switchable Robot SCM - L2

Dry Switchable Robot SCM - L2

The Dry switchable SCM -L2 offers two cleaning modes: dry cleaning and wet cleaning

Wet Cleaning Robot SCM – L3

Wet Cleaning Robot SCM – L3

The Wet cleaning SCM L3 robot involves three-stage sequential cleaning technology that ensures 99% dust removal.

Our Technologies

Sequential Cleaning

Three-stage sequential cleaning process including;

  1. Water Injection Stage - Water is essential to the cleaning process for two main reasons; it softens all hard soil and dust particles so the ARC coating will not be scratched, and it removes sticky materials such as litter and bird droppings.
  2. Brushing Stage - Rotating brushes serve to soften the hard soil and dust with the help of water, which guarantees the removal of 99% of the dust. The cleaning brushes are specially made and tested to prevent any damage to the panel surfaces.
  3. Wiping Stage - The wiping stage removes dust, litter and water from the surface of the panels, preventing lime deposition due to salty water, as well as enhances cleaning performance.


SCM-L3 utilizes self-alignment technology to override solar table misalignment issues that occur when adjacent solar panels are improperly installed and do not align with each other.

Active Wiping

SCM-L3 uses active wiping technology to ensuring panel dryness and prevent dust accumulation, even in unleveled solar panels’ installations.

Customized Automation Level

SCM-L3 is designed to accommodate various panel sizes and tilts, optimizing cleaning performance for unique configurations.

Plug-and-Play Design

Providing a plug-and-play design enhances time efficiency, cost savings, user-friendliness, flexibility and scalability.

Edge Detection Sensors Mechanism

Detects edges to prevent accidents and safeguard robot safety.

Self-lock Mechanism

Aligns the robot and the solar panels to help the robot maintain a secure and precise position while cleaning.

IoT Based Control System

Supported by DarbSense technology, our system allows for remote monitoring, control, and management of the robot's operations.

Resilient Design

SCM-L3 features a durable design, enabling it to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including strong winds, high humidity levels, and dusty environments.

Gaps-Bypassing Technology

Enables the robot to bypass any gap up to 30cm without installing rails, which reduces the cleaning system installation cost significantly.

Switchable Cleaning Technology

 Involves two distinct cleaning stages: the water injection stage and the brushing stage. This technology provides the flexibility to perform both dry and wet cleaning methods, depending on the specific requirements of the solar panel cleaning process.

Anti-Fall Protection

Specially developed DARBCO hardware and software systems that protect robots from potential falls at edges or into gaps.

Our Auxiliary Accessories & Solutions
Our line of solutions and add-on accessories allows for a more advanced, widespread and efficient clean. We are able to configure the robots to a variety of locations (like rooftops, car parks, or ground mounted panels), while equipping the robots with all the installation and operational needs adapted and customized to our client s solar panel requirements.
Cloud-integrated technology, allowing for the monitoring, regulation and operation of robots remotely using IoT based control via our app.
Filling Station
Robots equipped with a filling station eliminate the need for water hoses and electrical cables, and allows robots to refill their built-in tanks for a seamless, batterycharged clean.
Drag Chain
Cable carrier auxiliary solution for the robots, automating operation, and removing the need for an operator.
Enables our robots to move on additional axis for increased autonomy and reachability, with or without an operator.